Monday, November 2, 2009

Dad, I'm going to Ireland for a semester...

I have always loved to travel. Spending three weeks in a country was never long enough for me. I love meeting new people, eating new foods, trying helplessly to learn a new language, make relationships with other kids just like myself, and helping others.

From a pretty young age I have always wanted to see new things and experience life as I never have. When a group of my friends went to California for a wakeboarding competition and I was left here, I had this crazy urge to start researching studying abroad and mission trips. My first thought was to only go for a summer or a few weeks. Then I wondered, "Why settle for such a short time?" I started looking at different countries and the different opportunities which was very overwhelming. There is so much to see!

When I finally landed on Ireland, I called my parents. This could be the deal breaker. I called my dad first since he himself has a love for traveling. I said, "Dad, I think I'm going to spend a semester in Ireland." He responded, "As long as I get to visit you!" Even though the process was somewhat overwhelming, it will be soon forgotten when I step foot off that plane in my new home in Limerick.

Although I'm excited to experience school in another country, I'm even more excited to delve into a completely new community. I cannot wait to make new friendships and soak up life away from the United States. I will never take this opportunity for granted. I will come back being the biggest study abroad promoter. This will give me the chance to face my fears, make some new ones, grow in ways that I never knew I could, and love on people whom I might otherwise never know.

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