Monday, January 11, 2010

De ballen Amsterdam

Gijs took us to dinner tonight and it actually wasn't too bad! Indonesian is not as bad as it sounds... everyone should try it! After dinner dad and mom were hesitant but I made them go to the red light district. The XXX of Amsterdam is also not as bad as it sounds (outside looking in anyway!). I saw some things that seemed surprising but most did not. The live porno threw me a bit... but other than that it wasn't surprising. Mom was freaking out every time I took my camera out of my pocket and dad made a comment whenever we got a whiff of the "coffee shops." But that's all I wanted. I have experienced all I can take of Amsterdam for now (and with my parents). Get me to Ireland soon! We're leaving at 8 am for Dublin and I can't wait! I'll be at my new home in no time.

Goodbye Amsterdam!


  1. Love you Aud! Live it up girl. So proud of you! Ch.

  2. Audrey! I took a picture inside that same shoe when I went to Amsterdam... BFF.