Friday, January 15, 2010

He still wants to drive on the right (wrong) side.

Where have I been?! I have so much to update. Things here have been going stupendously. My dad even said, "Thanks for traveling to a foreign country so your mom and I can visit." But that doesn't surprise me. Tonight we went to our first official Irish pub, but I need to keep things in order here.

After we made the 6 hour trek to Kenmare from Dublin, we set out for the Ring of Kerry. I woke up with a beam of sunshine hitting my face and yelled, "The sun is out today!" I was more than excited to hit the road to see the country side of Ireland and be one step closer to my new school and apartment. The Ring of Kerry is more than amazing and you can't help but praise God for his beauty and divine creation. It's hard to question whether or not there is a Maker when looking at these beautiful landscapes. Staring out the window on the cliffs, mountains, and rolling fields of lush green grass sent me into an almost constant prayer: thanking God for his masterpiece and praying that I don't get car sick. It's also hard to question whether or not there is a savior after he kept us alive through all those mountainous and curvy roads. Sheesh. I thought driving in Houston was stressful...

The trip was long and treacherous but you just can't help but stare out the window. Dad loves to hug the left side (I got a few branches to the face when my window was down)... And after 3 days of driving, he still wants to drive on the right (wrong) side of the road.

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  1. Trucks, cliffs and rock walls are no match for the shrimp sized cars of Ireland.