Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I don't like spirits.

Last night. Where shall I begin? Our API started off the night bowling (I found my weakness with a score of 44) and then continued at Erin's apartment to celebrate her 21st birthday. One of her roommates and her friends were more than we could have asked for. They took care of us in every way - told us where we should go to celebrate, offered to get us "drink" before we went out (because it's way too expensive at the pub), and let us in on a few tips about lots of different things. Erin's roommate was trying to explain prices of different drinks and kept saying, "I don't like spirits." We finally figured out that she meant liquor. Took us long enough...

It was all a bit awkward at you could imagine with five lost American girls in a room of seemingly intimidating fourth year Irish students. It took barely any time at all for the group to get more comfortable with each other and start the normal college antics. We were asking probably too many questions about every day things here (like different lingo we didn't understand, what their hometowns were like...all the usual unknowns). It didn't take long for the conversation to make a 180. I came to Ireland for myself but not to necessarily talk about myself. It's very flattering that they seemed to want to know more about us and our colleges than I had expected. The boys were particularly intrigued by fraternity life. [Disclaimer: Dear MTV, you're making America look silly and I don't appreciate it.] Anyway, I guess being wrapped up in frat life as a dumb (i mean...young) college girl paid off for something. I got to tell all the dirty secrets I know about pledges, hazing, and other scholarly things of that sort. Outraged, Neill said, "There's no way Irish boys would ever put up with that. I'll show them a thing or two..."

Erin’s roommate bought her a cake (after knowing her for two days that’s a lot nicer than roommates I’ve had and known for years). They called us a taxi and we piled in to head to the pub. This was definitely a different Irish pub than I’ve been to or even pictured. It was full of students and almost made me miss Northgate a little. Almost. I’m so glad we’ve made friends here who will guide us and protect us! They looked after us like we were their little sisters and made sure none of us were alone the entire night. That’s more than I can say for posses back home. I guess what I hear about Irish boys and their charm is correct. These boys anyway. The music was surprising and definitely throw back. There’s nothing wrong with rocking out to YMCA and Blondie in Ireland, but back home it certainly is debatable.

I realized a few things last night about Texas and America. Yep, in just one night. First, I learned to never be ashamed of where I come from. Not that I would ever be ashamed of the good ole US of A, but there are times I get worried what stigma people will peg us with when we claim our nationality. So far, everyone we’ve come across has been more intrigued than anything else. Second, I’m very proud to be from Texas no matter how many comments I get about cowboy boots, cowboy hats, horses, cattle, or the overusing of the word “y’all.” Third, even though our dollar is of quite less worth here, a couple kids still wanted to see it and one even asked if he could have it. 
Overall, it’s been a good few days here in Limerick. I found a replacement for ranch dressing last night and came across a few bottles of Dr. Pepper at the Spar on campus. I’ve made a few friends and can’t wait to meet many more! Tomorrow starts our orientation and bring on the wonderful frustration of registering for classes. 


  1. looks like you're having a great time! bring back some of those irish boys with you so that i can meet them! haah