Monday, January 18, 2010

"If a boy calls you a fool, it's more than likely a good thing."

We started off the day with orientation at 10:30. I've been waking up so early the past couple weeks that I was up and ready to go at 7 am. I'm glad I invested so many euros into my case of redbull. Eileen cracks me up. Since the one boy of the group decided to show up an hour late, Eileen was giving us 6 girls a run down about Irish boys' behavior. A few of my favorites:

"If a boy calls you a fool, it's more than likely a good thing."
"Don't be offended by their language. The use the 'f*ck' word in just about every sentence. It's not to take any offense to. Unless they say 'f*ck off,' then you better do it."
"They don't mean to be offensive with all the cursing they're just...Irish."

After the helpful hints, we piled into a cab and headed to King Johns castle. It was pretty cool, but of course all the most amazing towers are blocked off. You can get a nice view of Limerick and the River Shannon from the top though.

We walked a little bit down the road to St. Mary's Cathedral. Can I get married there please? It's so pretty. I'd never really been inside of an old church like that. Houston's First Baptist is cool because it's all modern, but there's just something about the thought of worshiping God in a building where people have been doing the same thing for hundreds of years. I had to sit on that one for a few minutes. And my legs were tired.

Off to shopping. Eileen is my new 'mammy.' I needed a cell phone and she took me there, let me pick out the phone I wanted, then told the man what I needed and got me the best deal. I don't think I'm ever going to do something on my own. I've had fun with all the girls and getting to know the town a little better. We're going shopping tomorrow for bowling and our first night out after! Erin's turning 21 so we're all going out to a club (should be interesting) then pub crawl? I'm excited...but I really would appreciate it if the Irish students would come back already!

"Don't end up there." -Eileen


  1. Have fun goin bowling and going out to the pubs for the first time. cant wait to hear about it! Love you aud!

  2. Boys should not be calling.