Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Limerick is finally coming to life.

I finally have roommates, a class schedule, and an immigration card! I think that means I'm part Irish now. A lot has happened since my last post. I went to class for the first time at UL, made loads of new friends, and picked up on a lot of new lingo.

Ellen was the first to move back and we started hanging out instantly. She invited me out to the Lodge with all of her friends. It was a crazy night. I didn't even know that many people were in this town! All the students started trickling back and I've met 5 out of the 6 of my roommates. Apparently one isn't moving back until next week because she got stitches in her foot and is on crutches. Yuck.

I'm so thankful for my "housemate" situation. I feel like it fits me perfectly. There are 4 girls and 2 boys and all are pretty social. It's nice to see people in the living room when I go in there. They know everybody in the rest of the building and seems they know everyone in the whole complex. Perfect.

Classes seem like they're going to be pretty easy. A 40 on examinations is passing and above a 70 is an "A." I wish it was like that back home! My entire study abroad group is in my Traditional Irish Music & Dance class so that's a plus. And I have Mondays off. I love it here.

I had my meeting at immigration today to get my GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) card. Let the traveling begin! I can't believe this is all happening and so fast. I love everything about it here so far (except the exchange rate) and I think it's going to be harder to say goodbye to Ireland than it was to College Station. Even though I love it there. Gig 'em.

That's it for now. I'm compiling an Irish urban dictionary to be posted at the end of the semester. It's already pretty long! I didn't realize they had a different word for EVERYTHING. I mean...everything.


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