Thursday, February 11, 2010

Siuil a ruin - "Go in peace, my love"

I finally got to go home! Everyone at the UL goes home for the weekends and I'm stuck here. My friend Niamh invited me to go home to Ballyclerihan with her... and she didn't have to do much convincing. It was about an hour drive and out of the kindness of her heart became a tourist on Sunday to show me the Rock of Cashel.

On Saturday we hung out at the country pub with some of her friends and the locals. It was probably one of the best nights I've had since I've been here! It was so much fun to just sit and chat with locals. Jimmy, who was from somewhere in the north, sang us rebel songs and bought the whole pub (about 10 people) pints. It was so amazing. 

It was such an experience getting to see how everything works here. I've gotten the college experience, but I hadn't seen what home life was like. On Sunday we went to Niamh's house for dinner (at 2 pm) and her mom had steak, mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy all ready for us. It was one of the best meals I've had! After that we went to the Rock of Cashel. Because we're college kids and too cheap, we decided to just walk around the outside. I was so mad that half the castle was covered by rafters. It was still the best castle I've seen so far. (This trip was a lot of the "bests" haha). 

I'm going to Paris in a couple weeks. Get ready for some exciting posts! 
Niamhy being a tourist. that I love. 

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  1. thanks baby! i love you so much cant wait to go to venice!!!!!