Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Drinking TOO much on your birthday is bad for you..."

My birthday. Where shall I begin?

Midnight (local time) March 11th, I called my parents back in Houston so they could wish me feliz cumpleanos. Little did I know they'd have everyone there with a cake, beer, and Irish garb! It was such a nice surprise to get to see Grandma, Jeff, Robs, Nat, Bobby, Mom, Dad and even little ol' rat dog. I miss them all so much! My friends who weren't here when the skype birthday sesh was going on made comments the next day about "how cute" my family is or "how nice it was of them." It really started off my birthday wonderfully. And I hope that cake was good! I know exactly where the leftovers are sitting and let's hope there's not some still there when I get home in May. Thanks family, you're the best. Always have been.

Oh yeah, and Niamh and Ellen not so sneakily decorated my door and room with stickers, banners, and balloons. They're amazing.

The day of my birthday was relaxed to say the least. I went into town with the lads to get me a birthday outfit and ended up with even more presents. Anna got me a class Guinness lighter that is sitting on the shelf as we speak. I'm NOT losing that bad boy. Got the outfit, now time to head home to prep for the night. Ellen sent out invites to the entire Willow house and I was ready for my presents. After the party had gotten started rolling, all the lights were cut off and the cake was brought in. I know this is all sounding rather cheesy, but I haven't had a great birthday like this since I had a castle moon bounce in my backyard (was that even a birthday? Who knows). Anyway, they sang happy birthday and gave me my present. They got me a claddagh ring and a nice card that says, "Drinking TOO much on your birthday is bad for you. Just one glass... and keep filling it up!" I'd say that's a perfect fit for spending your 21st in Ireland.

I couldn't believe I got my claddagh ring. The heart is upside down, no worries padres - not in love. I had wanted to get this ring before I went home and it means so much more to me now that my friends got it for me. Overall, thanks EVERYONE for making my birthday super special! I'm expecting a round 2 when I get home. I also hope that yall feel really old now that one of the babies of the family is LEGAL.


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