Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Best Of...

I'm leaving Ireland in about 5 days. Before my emotional summation of the journey, I'd like to tack out my favorites or "Best Ofs" in Ireland. Enjoy.

Best question(s): "You're from Texas?! Do you know Laura?" and "Where is Spring Break?"

Best advice: "You'll only be living in Ireland once..." Maybe not the best advice, but the most often heard!

Best stereotype: All Texans dislike Obama, we wear cowboy hats, and have horses. All true for me anyway.

Best compliment: that I break all stereotypes of Americans and even Texans...from a Frenchman!

Favorite place in Ireland: West Cork

Favorite place visited: Roma, hands down.

Best feat: Convinced someone that we don't have rainbows in Texas.

Favorite stupid moment: "That guy's not even looking at the road! That's why he's driving so slow." Um, Audrey, wrong side.

Favorite Accent in Ireland: Cork

Favorite Quote:
Boy: I didn't know Americans came that way.
Me: What way?
Boy: Intelligent.

Favorite Food: Garlic cheese chips!

Favorite way to pass the time: Other than studying, of course... reading & sitting by the river.

Favorite Irish Beverage: Guinness and tea

Favorite Saying(s): Pissed as a fart, anything with craic, and acting the maggot... list goes for days.

I think that's about it for now. When I think of more I'll add them! Be looking for West Cork updates, Irish Urban Dictionary, and my farewell to Ireland...